Is Jisoo From a Rich Family? How Rich is The BLACKPINK Star? 

Ji-soo has earned millions of dollars on her own with her singing. It’s known she is the richest in BLACKPINK and owns 20 million US dollars. But her net worth is not the only concern of her fans. 

People are more curious to know, “is Jisoo from a rich family?” Yes, Jisoo’s family is rich, but how rich are they? Please keep reading to know because we will soon disclose it. 

Ji-soo Belongs to a Wealthy and Settled Family: Her Father is an Entertainment Company’s CEO

The BLACKPINK Ji-soo family always stayed far away from the limelight. The singer also kept a lot of things secret about her family. But does keeping her family information hint to us that she is from a poor background? Of course, not. 

Although the media has limited information about her parents and their wealth, with some tiny data, it’s easy to assume whether the “How Like That” singer’s family is wealthy or not. Jisoo’s father, Mr Ha-Joon Kim, is a reputable company’s CEO. 

Maybe that is why Wheein and Hwasa of Mamamoo are Jisoo’s close friends. Also, the speculations say she has always been relaxed in front of Cameras like rich kids, as often their pictures are taken. 

Jisoo’s Mother, Mrs Kim, Works in NGO

Not only her father but also Kim Ji-soo’s mother is a working person. She earns a good amount working in an NGO. She has not disclosed where her parents work for privacy issues. 

Jisoo's Mother, Mrs Kim, Works in NGO.
Jisoo by D4cgrapher licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

But as both her parents are working for an extended period, there is no doubt that her family is well settled in Korea. Her family’s net worth is unknown. But the rumors say it can be millions. 

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Ji-Soo Studied at Korea’s Expensive SOPA (School of Performing Arts) 

Most Korean well-renowned artists have studied at SOPA, which is considered one of the most expensive schools in Seoul. Ji-soo passed her 11th grade at this educational institution.

There was no information on the school’s yearly tuition fees when Jisoo was a student, but its current full-year tuition fee is 6,600 dollars. 

Final Words 

All BLACKPINK singers are from settled and good families. Jennie is wealthier, and most people know her and her family members’ lives are posh. 

Ji-soo’s family is also rich, but they don’t share much information. Her father and mother’s occupation and her educational institution are enough to indicate she is from a wealthy family.

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