Is Billie Eilish Lesbian Or Straight? What is Her Sexual Orientation

Here we’re going to talk about the Ocean Eyes Girl Billie Eilish. The 18 years girl won millions of hearts with her musical strength. Her voice’s nothing but a gift from God. In 2015 when she uploads the song “Ocean Eyes” to SoundCloud, she grabs all the attention of music lovers worldwide.

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On the other hand, she had to go through and faced some controversy as well. One of them is about her sexuality – whether Billie Eilish is lesbian or straight. Though she’s just 18, people are continuously spreading rumors and judging her based on those rumors.

It is time now to feel sorry for the singing queen that she has to face all these at this age. After releasing her song “Wish you were Gay” on March 2, 2019, pieces create many unwanted things. Especially the LGBT thinks in that song, Billie tried to dishonor their community. Which isn’t, and Billie Eilish made herself clear that. 

Is Billie Eillie lesbian? This question appears in people’s minds for some wonky reason. Let’s know what those reasons are and try to understand.

The song “wish you were Gay.”

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It’s Billie Eilish’s song title, which publishes 2019. After releasing that song, it creates much controversy for the pop star. One of them is; some people mislead by this song title.

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The music lovers who listen to that song and understand the lyric of that song they know in which propose Billie use that line in the title and the song. 

It was a girl’s wish who loves a boy, but the boy doesn’t accept the girl’s true love. That’s why the girl wishes her lover was gay. 

Is she too young to know about her sexuality?

Billie Eiliie got all the fame and popularity at a very early age. Usually, people don’t understand their sexuality at a very young age. Therefore, Billie, the queen, might not explore her sexuality yet correctly. She’s 18 now.

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In medical terms, a human being understands their sexuality at 15, but sometimes it ages 15 to 19. If it occurs after the age of 19, it calls “late’. In that case, the “Ocean eyes” girl might still be confused about her sexuality.

Till now, she never accepts that she’s gay. She always makes herself clear about her sex that she’s straight. But who knows, with time, her statement may be changed, or you will see something that makes her sexuality clear to us. 

Why doesn’t she have a Boyfriend?

Fans are always quired to know about their favorite celebs personal life, especially in “relationships.” Who dates and spending time with whom. So naturally, people are interested in these types of gossips.

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Billie Eilish is a name no male name appears after her name. I mean, we didn’t see any name who dated Billie. So, therefore, it’s clear she isn’t dating anyone. That is where people try to find a connection about her being lesbian. Why she isn’t dating anybody like other celebs do.

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In an interview, she admits that “Love is disgusting to her; she isn’t interested in love.” Maybe that is the reason she’s not dating anyone. Her not dating any man doesn’t mean she’s gay. On the other hand, her not dating any man increases the possibility of her being lesbian. 

Some viral pictures with girls

You will find some pictures of Billie Eilish, where she’s with girls so intimately. Those pictures make you believe that somehow she’s lesbian.

Many people, including her fans, take those pictures negatively. Some people think she posted those photos only for fun when some people take those pictures seriously. Moreover, when you see those pictures, you will start to believe that Billie Eilish is nothing but gay.

But only based on these pictures, we can’t give that statement immediately. Those pictures can be a part of her fun. We know her as a fun-loving girl as well. 

Lastly, we don’t have any strong proof that Billie Eilish’s a lesbian. We need more time to know about her natural sexuality though she says she’s straight. But people have much reason to believe that she’s gay. So we should not judge her based on her sexuality.

End of the day, she’s a fantastic musician and fun-loving girl. She entertains us and works hard. So we should support her in every stage of her life.  

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