Is Ariana Grande White? What Nationality is Ariana Grande?

We can never get enough of the American mega pop sensation, Ariana Grande! In her journey from a starlet at the Nickelodeon to a megastar, she made sure to be in every headline.

Ariana Grande's skin color and nationality.
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Whether it’s her relationship or soft-voiced music, she does not stay out of controversies and rumors. One of the many controversies about the pop star is her nationality, ethnicity, and heritage.

Her name and facial features always kept the fans confused about this. So, is Arianna Grande white? If not, then what nationality is Ariana Grande? To clear your doubts regarding the 7 Rings singer’s nationality, we have brought this blog.  

What is Ariana Grande’s Nationality?

The 28 years old songstress was born on the 26th of June 1993 in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. Therefore her nationality stands as American. However, there has always been a debate about the singer’s ethnicity.

Is she white? Is she black? Or is she Latina? In 2011, the God Is A Woman singer confirmed her ethnicity through a tweet to clear her fan’s continuous confusion regarding it. She said that she is an Italian-American.

Hence she is not completely white. But there is more to her ethnicity, which makes it more ambiguous. The Thankyou Next singer explained that she is 50% Sicilian and 50% Abruzzese. These areas are both in the Southern part of Italy. Therefore, the two-times Grammy Award winner’s nationality is American, but ethnicity is mixed.     

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About Ariana Grande’s Parents Nationality

The mega pop star was born to parents Edward Butera and Joanne Grande. Joanne and Edward both have Italian ethnicity, but Joanne was born in New York. Ariana’s full name is Arianna Grande-Butera, but it is not known whether she has completely detached her father’s surname from her name because of their estranged relationship.

The songstress’s parents divorced when she was only ten years old, and her mother brought her up. But they never had any financial crisis as her mother was the CEO of Hose-McCann, a communication and safety equipment manufacturer. At the same time, her dad was a graphic designer. 

Does Ariana Grande know Italian?

Ariana Grande is more vocal in English; however, she has also learned some Spanish for song purposes. As far as Italian is concerned, she knows some Italian which she learned in her younger days from her parents.

However, she is not fluent in it. Most importantly, we have never seen her singing an Italian song! She was brought up in Florida, and currently, she lives in an 8,000+ square feet Beverly Hills mansion that is worth millions of dollars.

She also bought a 16 million dollar apartment in Manhattan. The songstress never lived in Italy, although she might have visited there.    

Final Thought

So, from all the information above, we can say that Ariana Grande is not white, although she has an American nationality. Both her parents belong from southern Italy, and she is half Sicilian and half Abruzzese heritage. We hope it answered all of your doubts regarding her nationality!

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