Is Ariana Grande Bisexual? What’s her Sexual Orientation?

After searching for Ariana Grande’s sexual orientation, you are finally here to learn about it! No matter how open Grande’s past relationships have been, people always tend to assume things based on rumors.

One of the most prominent rumors about the Bang Bang singer is her sexual orientation. While it is one of the most sensitive topics to talk about, fans and followers leave no stone unturned to make it ‘a talk.’ So, what is Ariana Grande’s sexual orientation? Is she bisexual, lesbian, or straight?

We will learn everything about the star’s sexuality here with the evidence to support it too. More importantly, we will see how the star reacts to these rumors and assumptions about her.

What Does Ariana’s Past Relationships Say about Her Sexual Orientation?

Ariana Grande was always in the headlines for dating the most eligible bachelors in the entertainment industry. Grande’s first-ever relationship was when she was fifteen years old, with the Riverdale actor Graham Philip, and they dated for three years.

Post-breakup, Ariana dated Jordan Viscomi, the backup dancer, for a year. The two-time Grammy Award-winning singer did not stop there. She then tried for a long-distance relationship with Jai Brooks, an Aussie YouTuber named Jai Brooks, from 2012 to 2014.

Their two-year relationship has seen many ups and downs and the singer dated Nathan Sykes, also a singer, for four months.  

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There are many more bachelors whom the Florida-born starlet dated. She dated Big Sean for a couple of months, then dated backup dancer Ricky Alvarez. Post this breakup, Grande dated the late rapper, Mac Miller.

After Miller’s death, Ms. Grande went on to a short-term relationship with the Saturday Night Live’s comedian, Pete Davidson, at the end of 2018. They soon got engaged, but it did not last.

So, from all the evidence above, we can see that Ariana Grande has dated only men for almost half of her life. It looks like the singer cannot be without a lover for long as she had back-to-back relationships.

Yes, my dear friends, Ariana Grande’s interest in men is apparent to us. However, we cannot truly say or assume that she is straight. Anyway, whatever her sexual orientation is, we’re still going to support her. Right?

Who is Ariana Grande Dating in 2021?

Ariana Grande got married to a rich man who is a real-estate agent recently in May 2021. His name is Dalton Gomez.

The duo also dated for a year and was engaged for five months prior to their marriage. The singer kept her wedding a secret and invited only 20 of her close friends andfamily members to the wedding.

Their marriage ceremony took place in Grande’s lavish mansion in Montecito, California. Dalton is two years younger than his superstar wife and was born on the 7th of August 1995.

How does Ariana Grande Respond to her Bisexual Rumours?

Ariana Grande responded, “Thank you, Next?” to her bisexual rumors and any questions regarding her sexual orientation. In one of her songs, Ariana added some lyrics relating to bisexuality. Not only that but the singer’s social media comment sections are filled with questions.

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Also, there were some supportive fans as well who were concerned about her fear of coming out. However, Grande’s reply to those is pretty logical. She claims that she never felt the need to label herself, and nor will she do that in the future. And if she wanted to come out as bisexual, she would have done it long before.   

Final Thoughts

If lyrics would describe a singer’s personality or his/her sexual orientation, then the world would be something else today. From everything above, we cannot just say and assume about her sexuality, whether she’s bisexual or straight. What’s clear to us is that she is interested in men.

Nonetheless, she is only 28 years old; there are still more things to uncover and yet to disclose. Besides, it’s her life, and we’re just here to follow her story. Whatever she is or will be, we should not fail to support her. At the end of the day, we just have to realize that we’re all human. Thus, we should be treated equally, whatever and whenever. 

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading this post. If you have further comments or suggestions, we’re happy to hear you out. Until here, my friends. Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Is Ariana Grande Bisexual? What’s her Sexual Orientation?”

  1. Marrying a rich man does not mean someone is not bi? Someone also does not turn bi. This is why straight people shouldn’t talk about lgbt+ topics

    • I agree, maybe she just never dated a woman because she is scared to come out. That’s the same with me. I never dated a girl until I came out.

  2. Exactly when I came out to my friends and family that I was bisexual they couldn’t have been more supportive, so if ariana decided to come out we would all be very supportive, but if she doesn’t want to put on any labels then don’t call her straight.


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