Is Ariana Grande Bisexual? What’s her Sexual Orientation?

Ariana Grande has established herself as one of the best pop singers of the 21st century. Her beauty, singing, and even dancing are mesmerizing.

So a large group of people is super interested in learning about her, especially her gender orientation. 

Besides, her homosexual brother Frankie Grande is another big reason why people think Ariana Grande may not be a straight person.

Although she prefers to keep her mouth shut regarding disclosing her sexuality, it’s not hard to understand her. Let’s examine why people think she could be bisexual and her actual sexual orientation.

Did Ariana Grande Came Out As Bisexual in Her 2019’s Song ‘Monopoly?’ 

Ariana Grande presented the music industry with some excellent tracks. Hence she reached her desired success quickly. But with quick success comes lots of fans, and with so many followers, there are many speculations. 

Her fans have also speculated about Ariana Grande’s gender orientation for a long time. Since she didn’t label herself, the “7 Rings” singer’s followers try to determine her sexual orientation. In 2019 the rumor of Ariana Grande coming out as bisexual was flooding the internet. 

The lyrics include, “I like women and men.” For this one line, some grande fans, especially those who are bisexual, though she came out. Luckily the “Side to Side” singer addressed the rumor by replying to one of her craziest fans. Her fan @leeksoup wrote on Twitter, “ariana ain’t gotta label herself, but she said what she said.”

Ariana replied to her, “i haven’t before and still don’t feel the need to know, which is okay.” It shows how careless she is regarding sexual labels and hints at herself as straight because every bisexual or gay celebrity has labeled them and declared it publicly with proud. 

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Besides, the singer could also mean she likes everyone, no matter if it’s a woman or a man. She likes a person’s soul and that being.

Of course, that part of the lyrics doesn’t mean something romantic. If Grande is bisexual, she would have already let the world know by a declaration like her gay brother Frankie Grande. 

Ariana Grande’s Dating History and Marriage Defined Her Sexuality 

In 2016 in an interview with ET, the “Positions” singer said she is very open about her life with her fans. Although she feels awkward when specific questions are asked, she said she was working on that. We can see she actually became better in these years. 

Ariana is always open about her relationships and publicly dates all the men she has had an affair with. Looking at her love life, we couldn’t find a single woman.

She has only been dating men, including Big Sean, Graham Phillips, Jordan Viscomi, Jai Brooks, Ricky Alvarez, Mac Miller, Pete Davidson, and Dalton Gomez. 

Dalton is the one with whom Ariana finally tied the knot. The couple was introduced to one another for the first time in February 2020.

After two months, the “Love Me Harder” singer confirmed her relationship with Gomez in May. Finally, she and Dalton Gomez wed in May 2021. The stunning singer posted her wedding pictures on her Instagram. 

Ariana Grande’s sexual interests have always been in men. Although she hangs out with girls and they have some fun, they are completely friendly and not romantic. She has only been romantic with guys, which dismisses not only her bisexual rumors but also gay gossip Rega her. 

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Final Words

Ariana Grande belongs to a family where everyone is open-minded. For that reason, her stepbrother Frankie Grande was able to come out as gay. The entire family accepted him and celebrated pride months with him. 

Hence, Ariana’s fans always think she too might be lesbian or bisexual since she admitted that she likes both gender people in her “Monopoly” song.

However, the singer is straight, and her lifestyle helps us to understand that. She is heterosexual, so she has been having an affair with several men but no woman. 

She is married to Dalton Gomez, her last boyfriend, and is happily living with her man. Let’s not expect the “Positions” singer to label herself as straight because she has already said she will not.

3 thoughts on “Is Ariana Grande Bisexual? What’s her Sexual Orientation?”

  1. Marrying a rich man does not mean someone is not bi? Someone also does not turn bi. This is why straight people shouldn’t talk about lgbt+ topics

    • I agree, maybe she just never dated a woman because she is scared to come out. That’s the same with me. I never dated a girl until I came out.

  2. Exactly when I came out to my friends and family that I was bisexual they couldn’t have been more supportive, so if ariana decided to come out we would all be very supportive, but if she doesn’t want to put on any labels then don’t call her straight.


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