Is Amber Heard Lesbian or Bisexual? What’s her Sexuality?

Amber Heard has confused everyone with her relationship choices. Her choices made her fans question Amber Heard’s sexuality. Is Amber Heard a lesbian, or is she bisexual?

Although sexual preference is an extremely sensitive matter, fans always seem to remain curious about celebrities’ sexual orientations.

Therefore, if you are one of those fans who wants to know about Amber Heard’s sexual orientation, then you are at the right place. 

What is Amber Heard’s Sexual Orientation?

Amber Heard’s career in Hollywood officially started in 2003 as a drama producer. However, she revealed her sexual orientation and came out in 2010 to her family and the media.

She told the world that she is bisexual, which means she is attracted to both men and women.

However, she says she does not let her sexual preference define her character. Heard also added that she loves who she loves; the person matters, not their sex.

She also faced lots of criticism for her sexuality.

Since her parents are very religious, it was difficult for them to digest their daughter’s sexuality, and Amber describes that moment as ‘tearful and hurtful’.

However, with time, everyone has accepted her, and she continues to flourish in her relationships. 

Who has Amber Heard Dated in the Past? 

The 36-year-old actress has dated both women and men in the past. To start with, she dated a painter named Tasya Van Ree for five years.

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Tasya is a lesbian and a recognized painter who painted some extraordinary paintings of Hollywood celebs.

Then Amber dated and married Johnny Depp. Amber was married to her husband for two years before they decided to divorce in 2017 due to some personal reasons.

Later, Amber dated billionaire Elon Musk while still in the process of divorcing Johnny Depp.

Unfortunately, Elon and Amber’s relationship lasted only a couple of months. Currently, Amber is dating lesbian cinematographer, Bianca Butti.

The duo has been dating since last year’s quarantine and it has been going quite well. There are still no hints or news of their breakup.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about Amber Heard’s sexual orientation. Yes, she is bisexual, which she has told the world.

We hope she remains happy and content with her partner.  

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