Does Selena Gomez Speak Spanish? Selena Gomez’s Spanish Songs

Selena Gomez, one of the most popular Hollywood celebrities of the new generation. Indeed, she is currently one of the highest-earning singers globally because her songs and albums stay at the top chart of the billboard hits.

Does Selena Gomez fluent in Spanish?
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‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ singer is a multi-talented artist herself. Not just is she a singer, but an actress and a successful entrepreneur too. Some questions persist regarding the songstress, one of which is ‘does Selena Gomez speak Spanish’ after releasing her new Spanish song. Maybe! We shall know about this here in this blog.

Selena Gomez’s Spanish Songs

The 29 years old songstress is magical when it comes to singing. All of her songs touch hearts and top the top list of billboards. One of the songs, ‘Revelacion,’ was released in March this year, a Spanish Language song.

After seeing her smooth flow, and silky hushed vocals in the lyrics and music, her fans keep wondering whether the singer actually knows Spanish or not. Although it was not the first Spanish song she sang, she released the Spanish versions of many of her original songs, such as ‘A Year Without Rain‘ and ‘Who Says?‘  

Also, she recently contributed to some chart-topping Latina songs, such as ‘Taki Taki’ with Cardi B and ‘I can’t get enough’ with Tainy. 

Is Spanish Language Selena Gomez’s Forte?

Selena Gomez is half Italian from her mother and half Mexican from her father. However, as she was born in the USA, so she is an American by nationality. Talking about Selena’s heritage and descendants, she is not Spanish.

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However, when the songstress was younger, she was able to speak Spanish fluently, as she claimed. Due to a lack of practice in the language, her Spanish speaking skills kind of faded. 

While creating her Spanish songs, the singer thoroughly brushed up her skills to make sure the song turned out perfect. For this, she had to spend a chunky amount of time. She even hired a translator and Spanish vocal instructor to guide her through perfect pronunciation.

Eventually, she nailed the colloquialisms of the Spanish language, and her hard work paid off by winning hearts over and over again! The Love You Like A Love Song singer wanted to justice the songs and her Spanish fans. Selena said she learned and practiced Spanish mainly through her excellent listening skills and adapting skills.   

Final thought

So, this was all about your queries regarding Selena Gomez’s Spanish language skills! We hope you got your answer that Selena does not speak Spanish or belong to Spain. All the talent that you see in her Spanish songs is the result of her hard work.

Yes, she does not take her fans for granted, even after being such a successful celebrity at a young age. The world-class songstress made sure everyone enjoyed her vocals, and no one felt offended with their language. Indeed, she makes everything look so easy! 

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