Does Ariana Grande Have Diamond Teeth? Find the Truth

From Kim Kardashian to Cardi B and Katy Perry, no celebrities have ever stayed away from adorning their teeth. It should not surprise us even if celebrities like them have diamond or gold jewelry pieces on their teeth because they earn for this!

Ariana Grande;s Diamond Teeth
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Similarly, our sensational Thankyou Next singer, Ariana Grande, is also not left to be in the controversies of teeth adornment. Fans and followers want to know whether their favorite pop star has diamond or gold jewelry on her teeth or not.

We can never get enough of Ariana Grande’s cutest smile. So, is there any sparkly jewelry that enhances her smile? We will know about Ariana Grande’s teeth in this blog below!

About Ariana Grande’s Diamond-adorned teeth

You might have heard the phrase that ‘diamond is a woman’s best friend.’ But the 28 years old songstress has taken the friendship to a whole new level. Let alone a diamond ring or necklace adorn her features, and the songstress decided to embellish her smile with a diamond!

Yes, the Bang Bang singer has diamond grills on her lower set of teeth. Those tiny diamond studs are sick and the best ever style choice Ariana Grande has made. In fact, she got all praises and kudos from her fans over her choice. She wore those blinging studs on her lower canines and fearlessly showed off those on social media by pulling her chin down. 

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How much does Ariana Grande’s diamond grills cost?

Well, there is no solid evidence of what the cost of Ariana Grande’s diamond grills can be. But who can stop her expert fans from estimating it! Like any other celebrity, the 7 Ring’s singer’s fans also got curious about her diamond tooth, and we can see some estimations from there.

In America, the most expensive diamond grill can cost up to 30 thousand dollars. So, Ariana’s diamond teeth adornments can cost that amount of 30 thousand dollars at most. Affording that amount of money for two mini teeth studs is no big deal for a mega pop star like Ariana Grande.

Her songs are the best-selling ones in the world, and she earns a huge chunk of money from here. Moreover, the songstress does tv shows, films, and a few endorsements as her extra source of income. She already has a net worth of 180 million dollars, including all of her properties and assets.  

Final Thought 

Finally, we have come to know that the Love Me Harder singer has incorporated diamonds into her teeth as well. Since those diamonds are on her lower canines, so they are not visible when she smiles.

Hence, you might be thinking then, what is the purpose of spending so much money on a diamond stud when people can’t even see it? Well, it is none of our business, though.

It is her money, her teeth, and her choice. It is better that we don’t spend our precious time bothering about something that is a mere fact. 

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