David Muir Boyfriend 2022| Who is David Muir’s Partner?

David Muir is an amazing new-generation American journalist, a TV personality, and the anchor of ABC World News Tonight. The 48-year-old, New York-born journalist has come a long way in his journey of becoming the most prominent journalist of this era.

Muir previously served as the anchor of ABC’s weekend edition of World News Tonight and as a co-anchor of the weekday edition of the program. He has also been a substitute anchor on ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline.

Muir is a recipient of several journalism awards, including an Emmy Award and a Peabody Award.

Apart from his journalism and other professional activities, people go crazy over his handsome and charming looks. In 2014, David Muir was named one of People magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive.”

Who's David Muir Boyfriend and dating partner?
David Muir by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

There were likely no women from the ’90s who hadn’t had a crush on him. But who has melted Muir’s heart?

Who is David Muir’s dating partner? Let us see below who this handsome journalist is dating and has dated in the past. 

Who is David Muir Dating in 2022?

The 48-year-old journalist is single and unmarried in 2022; hence, he is currently dating no one. People assume he is homosexual, but Muir himself hasn’t openly talked about his sexuality.

The assumptions were driven when Muir was seen multiple times partying in a gay club in New York City with his fellow colleague, ABC News journalist Gio Benitez. In the past, Muir has also been linked to model Kevin Scott.

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On the other hand, Gio Benitez is open about being gay, and Muir is mostly seen hanging out with him.

Who's David Muir's gay dating partner? Is he dating anyone?
David Muir By Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Although their relationship is not confirmed, it is assumed that they might be partners as they are always seen hanging out together.

Although he is in his late 40s, the New York-born journalist is not married yet, he is not engaged to anyone, and does not have children.

Muir is an extremely private guy. Currently, in 2022, he is single. He has never been seen in a romantic relationship with any lady. 

David Muir past relationships:

There is no evidence or traces of the New Yorker journalist’s past relationships. Moreover, the journalist has never openly talked about his relationship choices.

According to Celeb Couples, Muir has had only one relationship in the past. Whether the fling was with a man or a woman is not known.

David Muir and his boyfriend's relationship timeline in 2022.
David Muir by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

The journalist always lets people assume things about him which makes it hard to pinpoint the details.

According to many sources, his rumored relationships may vary, but there is no strong confirmation from his side.

We are trying hard to dig up any information relating to David Muir’s past hookups and flings.  

Final Thought

So, this is everything we have on David Muir’s romantic life. He is probably the only celebrity whose relationships we have been unable to determine at this point.

Unless Muir confirms something from his side or gives us insight about his relationship choices, it will be hard for us to determine anything.

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Till then, let us appreciate how he minds his own business by taking America’s journalism to the next level.

He is an amazing host and journalist who probably tries not to mix his personal and professional life.

Till then, we should wait patiently unless Muir himself speaks publicly about the love of his life.

35 thoughts on “David Muir Boyfriend 2022| Who is David Muir’s Partner?”

  1. David Muir’s choice of words and topics is what we need to hear. As to his private life – let it be. When we have a good man, let’s not try to destroy him for the sake of gossip.

  2. Aint nobody damn business if he’s queer, str8, bi, trisexual…howeva……I would date him, only problem, I’m fat, white, & older 🙁

  3. I am not really interested in his sex life. He is the best news man out there, and I watch his news show every night. He is nice looking and has a great voice., and I will keep watching him.

  4. David Muir is a successful news man and knowing his dating preferences should not nor it would not change who he is as a man or how well he can execute his job.
    Let’s be happy for him and wish him all the best in fulfillment of his private life as well as in his career.

  5. What difference does it matter?He is one of the finest news commentators that we have. His personal life is just that. He keeps his personal life separate from his professional life. So we should as well. He doesn’t try to pry into our lives. Give this man the respect he has earned and deserves.

    • I would actually be interested into knowing what his type was. I’m sure it’s not an old fat lady like myself, but I would like to see him happy married whatever he wants for his future. He is one hot, well-dressed Piece of my candy and he delivers the news well

  6. I wonder how many of the people responding here are actually gay themselves? It actually does matter that we front-and-center representation at every level.

  7. I must turned 74 last wed. I watch him every night and ha e for a long time. I think he a very sweet person and I would love to hug him just one time.

  8. I have watched Walter Cronkite in the past. There is something special about some news reporters, you just can’t pin it down, voice, facial expressions, body positions, etc. Well, Mr. Muir has that something special. I do hope he is not gay, it’s just that I do not like gays, it’s just that I hate what they do and am proud of it.

  9. I don’t care who he dates, male or female. He is a great journalist & anchor man. I respect how he keeps his personal life private. I watch him every night on ABC World News.

  10. I watch him, as well. I believe he is a great journalist. I can respect him, keeping his private life, personal; but, at the same time, if he is gay why wouldn’t he share that, if he is proud of this lifestyle and supports it? If he is gay; not admitting and professing it makes me think he is not proud of it or doesn’t want the public to know.

  11. David Muir has a job to do…a job he does with the upmost accuracy always displaying professionalism and dignity for the position of ABC, America, and each person he comes in contact with. It’s so sad that we as a human race feel we are entitled to another’s private business.
    If being eloquent and distinguished were prerequisites to being a journalist and/or news anchor, David Muir would surpass them all.
    Have a wonderful and uninterrupted life Mr Muir, see you again tomorrow night…same time…same place!

  12. Best damn anchor in evening news, bar none! I’m a 56 year old heterosexual dude and I have a bromance with this guy!

    • You are probably bisexual, but have just not activated it outside of your fantasies. The only thing you are guilty of is being human. There are two sexes; why not notice, appreciate and experience both sexually (if that is where your mind and heart take you.)

  13. Of course he is gay! So sexy and handsome and he hangs out with Kelly Ripa, who has a lot of gay male friends. Her husband, Mark, does not mind and why should he? David is gay and poses no threat! Do you think for a moment he would tolerate his wife hanging off the arm in public of this handsome guy if he were straight?…Hello!

    • He’s as queer as a three three. Dollar billl and reports. Fake. News every night. He’s a demacrate

  14. David is a professional and does his job well. He is handsome, articulate, compassionate and a positive role model for aspiring journalists. Our hope is that he is surrounded by family, friends and colleagues who love and appreciate him as much as his viewers do. Keep it up, David🌞

  15. David my husband and I watch you every night. We love you and are happy for you no matter what. You’re the best news spokesman around. people need to mind their business. Keep up the good work.

  16. I agree he is very genuine, i watch him every night he is on. I dont care who he dates or marries it doesnt change my mind on how he does his job. He is very handsome.

  17. I think David is Bi. He took KBate Dries who worked at abc to Italy in 2015 I think.It didnt last . She wrote in TMZ my boyfriend David Muir is a monster. If he is gay bi it doesnt matter its his life not ours. I watch him every night at 7pm Ga time he comes on at 7. Best reporter there is…………….


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