The Reasons Why Cleo Rose Elliott Stabbed Her Mother With Scissors

Cleo Rose Elliot is the only daughter of famous American voice actor and actor Sam Elliot and actress Katharine Ross. Cleo got her fame not because of her star parents but because of her own talent.

She is a popular American singer, musician, and model and has millions of fans for her chart-topping music. Cleo has earned her fame and reputation as one of the most talented artists in America.

The Reasons Why Cleo Rose Elliott Stabbed Her Mother With Scissors
Sam Elliott by GabboT licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

She has also earned a bad reputation for her awful behavior toward her mother, Katharine. Cleo was accused of stabbing her mother several times with scissors. 

Although she is the only child of her parents, Sam and Katharine were unable to raise her well. Many fans refer to her as a ‘spoiled child’. So what is it?

Is Cleo Rose Elliot really spoiled, or was she truly intent on killing her mother? What is the reason behind her stabbing her own mother? Let us find out everything below.

What is the Story Behind Cleo Stabbing Her Mother?

While it may sound petrifying that a daughter tried to stab her mother and vice-versa, it actually happened with actress Katherine Ross. Her own daughter was blamed for stabbing her multiple times on different parts of her body.

Cleo has never bonded well with her mother since her childhood. When she was a teenager, Cleo started to become violent and abusive towards Katharine, which kept increasing as she grew up.

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However, at that time, Katharine used to keep their family issues private. Things went public when Cleo crossed the line. 

The story is from 2011, when 27-year-old Cleo got mad and, out of nowhere, told her mother that she wanted to kill her. The musician suddenly lost her temper, started kicking furniture and looking for her mother in the house.

Katharine ran towards the telephone to call the cops, and Cleo followed and cut the wire with the scissors in her hand.

She threatened to poke her mother’s eyes out, but instead, she stabbed her arm through her dress. The stabbing mark is still visible on Katharine’s arm. 

Why did Cleo Stab her Mother?

The story above is not fictional but really happened. After learning about this extreme violence, many people assumed that Cleo was intoxicated during the assault and that she was not aware of what she was doing.

The exact reason Cleo went to such extremes is still unknown. We do know that she was not intoxicated at the time of the assault. Katharine has also not spoken about her daughter’s behavior in public.  

 What Happened to Katharine after she was Stabbed?

After Katharine was stabbed in the arm on March 2, 2011, she filed a case against her daughter and wanted a protective order. The court gave a strict protective order to Cleo, where she had to maintain a hundred-yard distance from Katharine, be it her house or car.

And if she visits her parents’ house, it must be with a police escort. The document also stated that Cleo could not try to call or reach her mother in any way. Later, on March 30, 2011, the hearing was held in Santa Monica. 

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What is the Current Relationship Between Cleo and Katharine?

The mother-daughter duo is seen attending many award ceremonies and interviews together. In a 2017 interview at the Sundance Film Festival, the American music star was seen praising her parents. She said that her parents are amazing actors and that she is very proud of them.

After that heinous incident of 2011, there were no other violent outbursts from Katharine. Maybe, Cleo and Katharine’s relationship has indeed improved.    

Final Thoughts

If the bonding between the mother-daughter duo has really improved, then it is great news! However, if Cleo is just trying to clean her bad reputation and pretending to be reconciled with her mother, then there will be nothing more depressing than this.

As well-wishers, we truly hope that the musician has learned her lesson and come back to the right path. We also hope that actress Katharine is as happy in her personal life as she seems to be in front of the camera.

2 thoughts on “The Reasons Why Cleo Rose Elliott Stabbed Her Mother With Scissors”

  1. As the mom of a wayward adult child (age 27 now) I recall violent behaviour whan my own daughter was around 12 or 13.
    My heart goes out to katherine. It has only been by prayer & trusting God, accepting,. admitting, & apologizing for my erroneous actions, and some of her maturity as an adult in accepting & admitting her own- that the relationship with my daughter has improved to the point we can have deeper conversations.
    Unfortuntely – because of some of her ongoing life choices, I still have to set boundaries.
    It’s really hard being a mom sometimes. Especially a fallible one like me.
    My heart really goes out to Karherine too bc fame has a way of really being exploited & sensationalizing – publicizing things that should be private. On an extremely small scale – I fully understand it because I live in a small town where everyone knows what goes on & gossips.
    Again – without God & prayer – I could not have endured.
    KTF Katherine – and by all means , email me if you wanna commiserate & pray.

    • I met Sam and Katherine when Cleo was a child. Both parents were kind and attentive to her and most gracious to all, including me.

      I give you credit for sharing your story and offer a hand here Signlady. I can’t imagine what help Chloe needs. Obviously she does need help and I’ll pray she heals whatever possessed her to cross the line.

      Holy shit! What was that little rat thinking?


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