Cleetus McFarland Girlfriend 2021 | Is Cleetus Still Dating Kayla?

Cleetus McFarland is one of the most dedicated YouTubers on automotive. He is known to his fans as The Car Guy. He’s a very energetic and talented YouTube Vlogger. If you followed him for a few years and seen his videos, you might know his Ex-girlfriend Kayla Caputo. Now, you might be wondering who Cleetus McFarland’s new girlfriend is in 2021?

This is an wonderful picture of Cleetus McFarland and his girlfriend Madison Lutz.
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Well, after a break-up with Kayla, Cleetus started to date someone else. As you all know, Kayla is a fashion YouTube vlogger, and she appeared in several videos of McFarland’s channel. And their relationship was public.

On December 16, 2016, Kayla showed up one of Cleetus’s YouTube videos under the title,” My Girlfriend Learns STICK In a 900hp Corvette!” This video is still available on YouTube. However, at present, Cleetus McFarland is dating Madison Lutz (Madi). They have been dating for a few years.

Who is Madison Lutz, Cleetus McFarland New Girlfriend:

Madison Lutz is an Instagram queen who has around 76k Insta followers. She also appeared in Cleetus’s YouTube video many times. Madi and McFarland find one thing common in them that they both are animal lovers.

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Madi writes on her Instagram she is the mother of Skiff & Holley, her dogs. One more important thing you need to know Madi is McFarland’s girlfriend and his fiancee. 

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After dating a few years, the YouTube star finally proposed to her on April 5, 2021. Cleetus post a picture on his Instagram with a caption, “So today I did the thing. Asked Madi to marry me. The last few years have been amazing with her, and after working four straight GIANT events in a row (on top of daily videos!), I knew she’s my ride-or-die partner for life. She’s been working her butt off, working so hard right by my side… the girl I’ve dreamed of. I’ve been planning this for a while… I told her a couple of months ago that I agreed to do a “corvette magazine photo shoot,” They asked her to be in it and that we had to do it after the event to meet their deadline. It was the only way I could pull it off and include Ruby and Leroy 😂😂. Long story short, she said yes, and I can’t wait to marry her. I love you @madisonlutz ❤️❤️🇺🇸 #engaged.”

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Therefore, it’s clear Cleetus found his true love in Madi, and he decided to spend the rest of his life with Madison

Cleetus McFarland and Madison Lutz’s Dating Life:

This par started to date each other in February 2019. That means they are dating for more than two years. In these two years, McFarland and Madi spent all the festivals and big occasions together.

It seems Madi found her interest in what Cleetus McFarland does. She supports his Vlogging and business as well. Both of them post photos quite often on their social media account. Moreover, Madi and Cleetus think they are a friend first.

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Because most of the images caption, they both mention as a friend. For example, on McFarland’s 25thy birthday, Medison wished him on Instagram with the caption, “Happy birthday to my best friend and honey!🎉🥰 #25.”

This is how they treat each other. So maybe that’s the main relation getting heather with time. 

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How Cleetus And Kayla Break-Up: 

Cleetus was dating Kayla for a long time. They were in deep love with each other. But unfortunately, their relation didn’t work out. However, they both didn’t mention the reasons for their break-Up. But Cleetus McFarland wrote some sweet words regarding their separation.

He wrote, “I know a lot of you guys absolutely love her and love us together. But, unfortunately, we have decided to break up. Our break-up was a mutual decision. We both agreed that things just were not working for us”. This is how Cleetus announced his and Kayla’s separation news to his fans. 

Fans loved McFarland and Kayla both togetherness. But sometimes, we do need to understand other’s feelings. Maybe separation was the right decision for both of them. Cleetus’s fans are pleased he found his life partner Madison.

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And they are going to be married soon. In 2021, Cleetus McFarland took his relationship with Medi to another level by proposing to her for marriage. We hope very recently we can update their wedding pictures here.  

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