Who Are Chris Pratt’s Best Friends Inside And Outside The Media?

One of the most staple conversations online since 2014 is the discourse over Hollywood Chris.

When Pratt became the lead in the Marvel film, Guardians of the Galaxy, he joined Evan and Hemsworth as action stars with blond hair and blue eyes and had Chris as their name.

Naturally, they will be compared, which happens a lot on the internet. The three are ranked, but Pratt would always be the worst one. It has been consistent.

But his friends are defending his honor. The backlash against him had made him depressed at some point.

You may be curious who is Chris Pratt’s best friends inside and outside the media. Let us get to know them, particularly those famous friends who defended the action star on social media. Let us get started.

Who Are Chris Pratt’s Best Friends?

Most of the closest friends of the actor are also in Hollywood. Other than his family, he is closest to some people like Rob Lowe and Nick Offerman.

Another closeness that most people find surprising is the one he has with John Krasinski. The two have a perfect and lowkey bromance. Although the two have never been cast in the same project, their career trajectories are similar. Perhaps, this is the root of their extraordinary closeness.

Their friendship has been going on for years. But it was in 2017 when the two made the headlines. This was when the two posted videos of themselves on Instagram doing the Murph Challenge. The purpose of that grueling was to raise money for a particular cause.

Willie Robertson can also be considered the best friend of the action star. According to the actor, he and Robertson when hunting frogs together along with the gang. He can refer to Willie as his friend.

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Who Hangs Out With The Action Star?

The Hollywood actor is hanging around with his costars in the Guardians of the Galaxy. He and Michael Rooker would even do an impromptu dance on the set.

Who Defended Chris Pratt Against Online Backlash?

After the online backlash directed towards the action star, the famous Marvel stars united to defend him. This includes the director James Gunn, artists Jeremy Renner, Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, and Robert Downey Jr.

They are only a few among the many other stars who stepped forward on his defense. The online criticism and backlash experienced by the actor were due to the people’s perception of his conservative political views. But the root of this was the Twitter meme that labeled the star as the worth Chris on Hollywood.

This popular game on social media started light and fun, but it ended up with criticisms and bashing about his acting, beliefs, and views. But the bullying on social media was decried by his closest friends and costars, reaffirming the actor’s qualities.

It’s A Wrap!

Who are Chris Pratt’s best friends inside and outside the media? Most of the friends of the actor are from Hollywood too. He may have friends outside media, but unfortunately, we were not able to identify them.

Nonetheless, you get to know his closest friends, particularly those who stood by him when he had to face online backlash. 

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  1. I say Chris Pratt’s favorite best friend is Bryce Dallas Howard. Because she’s pretty, beautiful, her face is pretty and her hair is orange or red that Chris really likes it. I wish Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt are Best Friends and Always be Together Forever and Ever. Let’s be Together Forever and Ever. Stay Together for Survival.


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