Charlie Puth girlfriend 2021 | Who Is Charlie Puth Dating 2021?

Charlie Puth, the singer who has given us several billion viewed songs on YouTube. Who has millions of fans around the world. Most of them are female followers because of his cute, innocent baby face with a distinctive eyebrow. Therefore, most of us curious to know about Charlie Puth girlfriend 2021. Charlie’s song, singing style on stage drive you crazy. 

This is an image of Charlie Puth. Let's try to find out who is Charlie Puth girlfriend 2021
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You’ll understand how famous Puth among girls while you see his live performance. Well, no doubt you all here to know about Charlie Puth’s girlfriend’s name. For whom the “Attention” singer’s heartbeats? Well, two years back, Charlie Puth made a pair with his fellow singer Charlotte Lawrence.

Now the question is; does the relationship with Charlotte continue in 2021? You’ll be heard a few names of the possible girlfriends of Charlie’s. But as you know, rumour spared like a rocket. And when you’re a celebrity, many people started to link you with others mythically. 

But Puth started dating the singer Lawrence in February 2019 by publically posting a picture in his Instagram account with a caption, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” with a red heart emoji.

Fans were pretty excited about their relation. They thought finally the “we don’t Talk Anymore” singer find someone as GF. That relation went good for a year. In February 2020, they both were split. At that time, the confirmation of their breakup came from Charlotte Lawrence. 

The Previous Possible Girlfriends Of Charlie Puth Before 2021:

Several names will come up when you’re looking for Charlie Puth GF’s list, including many big names like Selena Gomez, Meghan Trainor, Lea Michele, Bella Thorne, Jade Thirlwall, and Pritika Swarup. As a famous singer, Charlie Puth has many girlfriends in his life. But who are they? And what happened to them with him? Let’s take a look at the previous possible girlfriends of Charlie Puth!


Is Charlie Puth in a relationship With Charlotte Lawrence In 2021?

The “Attention” singer has admitted his love to another singer Charlotte Lawrence in 2019 on Valentine’s Day. That time Charlie publicly announced he’s in love with Lawrence by a social media post from his verified account. But they were together only for one year. In 2020 February, Charlotte Lawrence revealed that they aren’t together anymore. 

Was Charlie and Selena Gomez More Then Friend?

Selena Gomez’s past relationship with Charlie Puth was a mystery for many years. Since they were kids, the two celebrities have been friends, but their relationship never became public until Selena’s song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” came out in 2016.

Fans everywhere speculated about the meaning of the lyrics, which detail how Selena and her ex-boyfriend can’t seem to find time to talk anymore.

Did Bella Thorne cheated Charlie Puth?

Many fans have strong believed that the breakup between Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey happened because of Charlie. Because after this pair breakup, Charlie and Bella captured in a picture while they were kissing on a beach.

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This event occurred only a couple of days later of Bella and Tyler’s separation. In the end, the chemistry between Puth and Bella did not exist for a long time. It ended shortly.


Did Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor have a relationship?

Meghan Trainor was dating Charlie Puth, but they broke up in May 2017. Meghan Trainor is a singer-songwriter who has been with the record label Epic Records since 2011.

She has never publicly confirmed her relationship status until now. The two artists collaborated on “Marvin Gaye”, which became their first and only song together in 2015.

Was It a Rumor That Charlie Dated Halston Sage?

It seems Puth only dated celebs. Here’s another celebrity’s name come up; she is Halston Sage, an actress. Charlie and Sage used to post their couple pictures a lot on Instagram. They posted photos as if they are a couple.

People thought this pair might fall in deep love with each other. But all of a sudden, they stop talking after only a few weeks of dating. Halston is very famous for her role named Grace on the TV series How to Rock.


Pritika Swarup: The Beginning Love Of Charlie’s Carrier

At the very beginning of Charlie’s carrier, a few names came up as his girlfriend. Among those name, Pritika Swarup was one of them.

Pritika is a model by profession. Though Puth posted her picture on Instagram, there isn’t any valid source to confirm whether they were dating or not. It remains a secret to all of us. 

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Isn’t it funny that after dating so many female star some people thing Charlie’s Gay. Some people are great at creating rumors. Most of the time, Charlie Puth make himself clear about his love life.

Yet, he doesn’t publish the name who is Charlie Puth dating in 2021. We’ll know the name soon. Because as you all can see every years, he falls in love with someone new. Unfortunately, his fans haven’t seen Charlie pair with someone for a long time.

Maybe Puth’s still waiting for his soul mate. You will get the name of Charlie Puth’s girlfriend 2021 soon. But many people strongly believe right now, Charlie Puth might be dating one of his ex-girlfriends. 

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