Is Brandon Boyd Married? Who is Brandon Boyd’s Wife?

Known for his lead vocals in the American rock band Incubus, Brandon Boyd is known for his artsy voice. He is not only a vocalist but a songwriter, visual artist, musician, and author as well. He has qualities in many fields.

If you are an American music lover, then you have heard at least one song by Brandon Boyd.  In this blog, we will find out who Brandon Boyd’s wife is.

Let us learn about the woman who has the luck to share her life with such a versatile and multi-talented artist. In the ’90s when he started his career, many girls were after his looks and style.

Who is Brandon Boyd’s Wife?

This 46-year-old American singer, vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist is not married. In fact, Brandon was never married in his 46 years of life. Looks like he hasn’t found that special someone.

Brandon Boyd has dated many beautiful women in his life but did not marry them. The singer was also never engaged to anyone. Moreover, Brandon does not have any children with any of his girlfriends.


Brandon Boyd’s Dating History

In his younger days, his pale blonde hair and big brown eyes used to catch the attention of many young women. In fact, his older brother said that his hair was so beautiful that everyone in his school, even the teachers, wanted to touch his hair.

The singer weakened many hearts when he first started his career as a vocalist in the Incubus band. His shirtless moves and performance used to steal everyone’s mind and attention. From this, he has stolen some of the ladies’ hearts whom he has dated over the years.

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Although none of his dates were high-profile, who cares about such things in love? His girlfriends’ names were Jo Bourne-Taylor, Lisa Snowdown, Jessica Miller, Vanessa Marra, and Baelyn Neff.

His former partner/ girlfriend is Carolyn Murphy. All of these ladies were somewhere or somehow related to the music industry from where they got to know Brandon personally and fall in love.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about Brandon Boyd’s marital status. The singer/ vocalist is currently single. He is not married nor is he in a relationship with anyone.  It seems like he is focusing on his work life even more.

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