What Did Bella Hadid Say About Her Nose Job At The Age Of 14?

Bella Hadid is an American supermodel who has appeared in Vogue covers more than twenty times. She is the younger sister of the supermodel Gigi Hadid. On 2016, she was named the model of the year. 

For a gorgeous figure like her, she will inevitably be subjected to controversies about her looks. Bella Hadid plastic surgery was an issue since then.

Particularly, there has been speculation regarding the supermodel getting a nose job when she was only fourteen. Can you believe it? She was so young to be under the surgeon’s knife. 

But what is the story behind this, and what did Bella Hadid say about her nose job at the age of 14? You will find out about this below. 

Bella Hadid Nose Job

The supermodel admitted to having a nose job after denying it for so long. When interviewed by Vogue, the model talked about her decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. 

Following her sister’s footsteps, the star has managed to make her own name in the modeling industry. Ever since her rise to fame, she denied the speculation regarding plastic surgery, which includes eye lift, lip filler, and shaved jaw. 

But later on, she admitted that she had only one cosmetic surgery, which was her nose job when she was only fourteen. All other speculations were untrue. Her facial transformation was mainly due to puberty and makeup. 

This was the first time she addressed the speculations about her plastic surgery and appearance in general. In that interview, the supermodel also openly talked about how she struggled with self-acceptance and depression. 

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What Did Bella Hadid Say About Her Nose Job At 14?

When she admitted to having the surgery, the model said she regretted doing it. She wished she chose to keep her ancestor’s nose, referencing her Palestinian and Dutch heritage. The model further said that she would have accepted her nose eventually. 

Are Young Girls Allowed To Take Cosmetic Procedures?

Following the revelation of the supermodel about her surgery at such a young age, different ethical concerns about this were discussed.

Although it is not common for teenagers to undergo cosmetic procedures, about 230 thousand cosmetic surgeries were done on teens aging from 13 to 19 years old.

This data was from 2017. Others are even documenting it and upload on their social media accounts.

Although the procedures are legal, experts are warning against this. Some say that marketing procedures like this could be damaging for teens.

For the supermodel, she used to be insecure, being the ugly sister, so she resorted to a nose job to look better and feel better.

A surgeon stated that it is legal to perform cosmetic surgeries on teens below eighteen with consent from the parent or guardian. Nonetheless, it is still concerning since teens’ bodies are still under development.

It’s A Wrap!

You have finally read what did Bella Hadid say about her nose job at the age of 14, as well as the surgeon’s warning regarding plastic surgeries.

So, if you are a teenager considering taking this procedure, ensure that you have carefully thought about this before making a decision. Check this out: Lady Gaga Nose Job| Has Lady Gaga Had a Nose Job?

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