Auli’i Cravalho’s Age, Height, Parents, Siblings, And Net Worth

Auli’i Cravalho is a singer and voice actress. She was discovered by a casting agency when her video singing during the competition was seen.

After the agent heard her voice in that YouTube video, she tried her luck and auditioned for Moana. Obviously, she got the role. This is where her career started. 

But other than her role in Moana, she was cast in other shows such as All Together Now, Weird City, and Elena of Avalor.

Although many people have heard her voice and even seen her face on TV and on the internet, many facts about her are known by fewer people. 

Today, we decided to get to know the artist better. Come along as we walk you through Auli’i Cravalho’s age, height, parents, siblings, and net worth 2022. 

How Old Is Auli’i Cravalho?

The voice actress was born in Kohala, Hawaii, United States, on November 22, 2000. This means that Auli’i Cravalho is now 21 years old.

She is regarded as the youngest artist cast as the voice of a Disney princess. The actress was only 14 years old when the blockbuster was recorded. She is younger by two years than Moana in the film. 

How Tall Is Auli’i Cravalho?

The artist stands 5 feet and inches tall. This also means that Auli’i Cravalho height is about 160 centimeters. In terms of her weight, reports say that she weighs 54 kilograms. She is a petite woman, indeed.

Who Are Auli’i Cravalho Parents?

The voice behind Moana was raised by her mother in Mililani, Hawaii. Her mother’s name is Puanani Cravalho and her father is Dwayne Cravalho.

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Both of her parents are said to be supportive of their daughter, particularly when it comes to her career. They are proud of their daughter’s achievements. She has managed to become popular quickly. 

We also found out that her parents used to be well-known in the business. The couple was operating various companies located in Hawaii. But based on the reports, her parents got divorced when the actress was young. That is why we said earlier that she was only raised by her mother. 

The actress and her mother used to live in an apartment with only one bedroom in Oahu. Her mother would only sleep on the couch. They did not have a television back then. 

Who Are Auli’i Cravalho Siblings?

Just like the father of the voice actress, there is not much information on the internet with regards to her siblings. It is possible that he does not have siblings, given that her parents divorced early.

But it is also plausible that it is not only disclosed in the media. For sure, you are aware that the actress keeps her personal life out of the public eye. 

How Much Is Auli’i Cravalho Net Worth 2022?

Not too long ago, the artist started her career in the entertainment industry. Based on the 2022 reports, the voice actress’s net worth is estimated at 1 million dollars.

Being a voice actress has significantly contributed to this, particularly for her role in Moana. 

It’s A Wrap!

You are lucky to have been equipped with lesser-known facts about the artist. We have provided you with Auili’i Cravalho’s age, height, parents, siblings, and net worth 2022.

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