Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery A To Z Update 2021

Ariana Grande has never failed to make us go awe of her, from her signature ponytail to her soothing voice and chart-topping music. She is one of the iconic singers of this generation, and there is no doubt why!

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Although Ariana started her journey in the entertainment industry as a child voice-over artist, the real journey of her career began as a starlet of Nickelodeon when she was only 16 years old. Most of us know Ariana from her childhood and have seen her transformed into a beautiful woman. 

However, as some of us saw her grow up, or some of us saw her old pictures and compared her current ones, all of us noticed some changes in her features! So, is that change because the pop star went under the knife?

Or is it just puberty? In this blog today, we will know about Ariana Grande’s plastic surgery (if she has done) A-Z update! Keep on reading below to know if your favorite songstress has gone under the knife or not?

What Changes Have Ariana Gone through All these Years?

The 28 years old songstress has gone through many facial changes while she was growing up. Now, the change does not necessarily have to be cosmetic. People’s features and looks change as they grow up and become adults, or in the case of Ariana, the change could be due to makeup as she is a celebrity.

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However, her fans and well-wishers have noticed and mentioned some surgeries that Ariana possibly might have gone through.

  • Brow lift: Her brow bones seem significantly higher than what it was before. This surgical brow lift is given to lift the entire face.
  • Rhinoplasty: The singer now has more substantial and structured facial bones compared to a decade ago, where her face was round and chubby with no definite contouring. Moreover, she had a wider nose, compared to a thinner and more defined nose now. Currently, her face is more contoured, which undeniably made a huge difference. 
  • Fillers: The songstress might have added fillers on her cheeks and chin to provide a youthful plump to her structured face. 

How did Ariana respond to her Plastic Surgery rumors?

Just a decade ago, the Thankyou Next singer had a noticeably wider nose and chubby cheeks. Despite so many controversies and accusations of plastic surgeries, the songstress decided not to talk about her blooming change to us! Probably she hasn’t felt the necessity to give an explanation about herself.

Indeed, the changes are noticeable, and anyone could tell that she has definitely gone under the knife at a single glance. 

In 2019, the songstress replied to a Twitter comment in one of her posts where a follower disrespected her for getting any possible nose surgery. However, the 7 Rings singer replied it is her “birth nose,” which clearly tells that she did not go under the knife for her nose at least.

Other than that, we never saw Ariana getting bothered by people’s assumptions regarding her, whether bad or good. She has far more important things to get done than replying to those accusations.  

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How can Ariana Look so different?

As mentioned earlier, along with people’s personalities, thoughts, and perceptions, their facial features also change as they grow into adults. So, it won’t be too surprising if Ariana has also changed due to her puberty.

She is already 28 years old, so to see a change in her is evident. Her chubby and rounded cheeks might have got contoured due to many reasons:

  1. Facial exercises, which are a non-surgical way to reduce face fat.
  2. The pop star might have lost weight, for which her face seems more structured without mass.
  3. It could be the magic of makeup for which her entire face, including her nose, seems contoured, sharp, and enhanced. 

Final Thought

It is yet to be known whether the internationally recognized mega pop star has gone under the knife or not. Hence she hasn’t confirmed herself, so assuming anything is not the right thing to do.

Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be shocking for us even if she has spent dollars on the best cosmetic surgeon on the planet because she is a top-earning singer. If she has done some minor surgeries, then we must say her surgeon did a great job on her!

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